Web Desk March 17, 2021

The answer to the desire of Armenians to keep the armed forces in Karabakh, the importance of the anti-terrorist operation against the militants in Karabakh, and the inevitability of inflation are the topics of today’s media.


The website Yenisabah.az discusses with the political scientist M. Asadullazadeh the plans of the Armenians to keep the army in Karabakh. The political scientist believes that these plans are mythical, since Yerevan has reduced the funds allocated for the army. It is difficult for Armenia to equip the militants in Karabakh with weapons and this has become a burden for them, moreover, Armenia is not interested in this.


If Russia wants to do this, Turkey and Azerbaijan will stop these attempts. As for the Armenian militants in Karabakh, Azerbaijan should move to activity in this issue.


The website Redaktor.az discusses with the political scientist Asif Nariman the essence of the military exercises held in Azerbaijan. Four months after the Second Karabakh War, the main target is Armenian terrorist groups in Karabakh. The question of their withdrawal should be posed more decisively. If this is not resolved through negotiations, then it is necessary to conduct an anti-terrorist operation, the political scientist believes.


The website Sfera.az is discussing with the economist-expert Eldeniz Amirov the probability of inflation in the country. According to him, the pandemic has created consequences in almost all areas, exacerbating dangerous tendencies towards inflation. The rise in prices for fuel, utilities, and then food and non-food products has increased inflation.


Where there is healthy competition, there can be no question of artificially inflating prices, and it is justified. In this case, we should talk about monopoly. According to the expert, in some areas the rise in price is 30%. He sees a way out in the adoption of the Competition Code.


Source: Turan News Agency

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