Web Desk March 13, 2021

A resident of Sumgayit, a car repairman Natig Mammadov appealed to Turan with a complaint against the Investigation Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, reporting on extortion of a bribe for registering a car.


In the letter, he informs that in March 2021 the Mercedes-Benz car he bought with the state registration number AZ90 DP 132 was sent to this department to check the factory markings on the body. The Traffic Police Department, when the car was undergoing a technical inspection there, they doubted the authenticity of the number stamped on the body. N. Mammadov claims that the number is original, some numbers are not visible due to rust. The police suspect that the number was knocked out by hand to conceal the original.


The car was sent to the Investigation Department, where they determined the falsity of the body number and issued a notice to Mamedov, in which it was written about the need for him to go to court.


In the statement, Mammadov claims that the employees of the Investigation Department Arzu and Ilgar offered him to resolve the issue of registration for a bribe of 1200 manats. Mamedov offered them 600, but the staff did not agree for less than 1200. The letter of the citizen ends with a request to help him with the legal registration of the car.


Turan appealed to the Deputy Head of the Investigation Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Arz Babayev, whose name was indicated in the letter by Natig Mammadov. A. Babayev remembers the specified car, he studied the serial number on the body, identifying signs of illegal interference. A. Babayev called the allegation of bribery a lie, saying that not a single police officer would undertake to somehow arrange the registration of a car, which has signs of car theft.


“Nobody will interfere in a knowingly criminal case, mediating in an illegal fraud to legitimize a car with a stolen body,” he said.


He confirmed that the citizen was asked to go to court, saying that there are cases when the court, having considered various circumstances, ruled on the possibility of registering a car with the traffic police.


  1. Babayev believes that N. Mammadov slanders the officer and may become a defendant in a criminal case of insult of honor and dignity. At the same time, he did not express any intention to sue the citizen, advising Mamedov to solve the problem in the law.


Source: Turan News Agency

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