February 14, 2021

Both before and after the oath-taking ceremony, the fact that “abandonment of S-400 missiles” was one of the main conditions while waiting for news from the other side of the ocean naturally upset the mood in Ankara. Ankara probably did not expect the US Ambassador to Ankara to point so seriously at S-400 missiles while the United States does not respond to congratulations at any level. As the only means of communication on the Kalın-Sullivan line is nothing more than checks notes, a government spokesman told foreign media that the president was “ready to negotiate to purchase Patriot from the United States or similar weapons from another NATO country.” In an interview with Turkish media, Kalın stressed that they would not step back from S-400 missiles. As the State Department and the Pentagon continued to make tougher statements about a “complete abandonment of S-400 missiles,” this time the Minister of National Defense, Hulusi Akar, entered the picture and proposed a formula: “We can also implement the formula applied to S-300 missiles in relation to S-400 missiles. That is, we use it when we need it, and bury it


Source: Turan News Agency

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