Never give up on your goals, says Daniel Lucas (Azer News)

Only 60 days left to the first Baku European Games, which will feature 20 sports, including gymnastics disciplines. Overall, about 450 of gymnasts will compete for 34 sets of medals.

Men’s Artistic Gymnastics, one of the oldest and most prestigious disciplines in the sports world, will also be presented in this large-scale event. Three gymnasts who will compete for eight sets of medals in the all-around, team competition, as well as in the individual events will represent the country at the men’s artistic gymnastics disciplines.

Daniel Lucas is one of the possible participants from Azerbaijan. The press service of the Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation made an interview with him to know more information about him and his expectations for the upcoming European Games.

Question: How did you turn to gymnastics? Why did you choose this sport?

Answer: I got involved in gymnastics because my older sister did gymnastics and I thought it looked fun. I chose gymnastics because I thought it would be easy. Moreover, I wanted to be with my sister and watch her strive.

Q.: Have you tried other sports? Did you display talent in other disciplines?

A.: I think I would be a pretty good football player. Even if I’m a little short for this sport, I think I could be good at it.

Q.: How do you deal with your emotions during competitions? Do you have any special tricks or techniques to help you stay in control?

A.: I deal with my emotions by thinking about my family and I just always try to do my best for them and my first coach, Lubo.

Q.: What is the key to success in any sport?

A.: I think the most important aspect of any sport is aspiration and never giving up until you reach your goals.

Q.: How dangerous is it to be engaged in professional sports, or does it depend on the sport?

A.: Well, any sport has its own dangers but it really does depend on the sport.

Q.: Do you have a sport’s idol?

A.: Yes! My first coach Lubomir Gveraskov. He has been my idol since the day I met him. He will always be my idol.

Q.: Tell us about your plans for the near future

A.: Do my best in competitions and try to be famous around the world.

Q.: What do the European Games mean for you and how do you prepare for them?

A.: The European Games is a good way to show my skills. I hope to win a medal on rings. I’m training hard to reach my goal.

Q.: If we move a little bit away from sport – do you have any aspirations or dreams that you want to achieve?

A.: I always wanted to be an actor. But, my real dream is to be a veterinarian, because I love animals so much! If I had to choose in between them the two, I’d prefer to be a veterinarian.

Q.: Are you able to combine sport with normal life?

A.: Well, to me sport is pretty much normal life. Whenever I have any down time I normally just watch movies or TV shows.

Q.: Tell us about your family.

A.: My family is the best! I have two sisters – one older and one younger. I also have an older brother and of course my parents. They always support my dreams and goals. I could never ask for a better family!

Q.: Do you have a loved one?

A.: No, I don’t.

Q.: What do your fans usually shout, and what do you want to hear from them?

A.: They usually shout Go Danny! or You can do it, Daniel! It does not matter what they say, their support is enough.

Q.: What would you like to tell them?

A.: I would like to tell my fans and everybody else for that matter to always push hard, no matter what it is that they do.

The road ahead may be a tough one, but stay strong. Always stay focus and work towards your goal no matter what happens!