admin April 15, 2016

“Ignoring the numerous calls by the international community Azerbaijan over the last few days has continued the cease-fire violations along the line of contact between Nagorno-Karabakh and Azerbaijan and the Armenia-Azerbaijan border, using weaponry of various calibers including mortars and grenade launchers, leaving two soldiers killed,” Spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Tigran Balayan said.

“Azerbaijan grossly violates the oral arrangement of April 5 on the cessation of hostilities by which the cease-fire established by 1994 agreement between Azerbaijan, Nagorno-Karabakh and Armenia was restored. Azerbaijan disregards the calls of the international community aimed at exclusively peaceful settlement of the issue,” Balayan said in comments to the First News Service.

“The continuation of military actions by Baku can lead to dangerous consequences the full responsibility of which lies with the authorities of Azerbaijan,” the Spokesman said.

Source: Armradio

Russia Senator: It’s necessary to accelerate loan-based arms supply to Armenia

t’s necessary to accelerate loan-based arms supply to Armenia, member of the Russian Federation Council Committee on Defense and Security, Aleksey Kondratiev, said at a briefing with the representatives of the National Assembly of Armenia Standing Committee on Defense, National Security and Internal Affairs, after their joint meeting in Yerevan.

“We have heard that Russia supplies arms to Azerbaijan. We will analyze what we have heard in order to understand why there is no force balance. Why have arms been supplied to Azerbaijan, there being no supplies to Armenia. Our agreements on military and technical cooperation have terms, which should be observed,” Kondratiev noted.

“At the same time, it’s necessary to work out a common approach against the conflicts in Artsakh and apparently those in Armenia. It’s necessary to understand that this region is overflown with arms – Soviet, Russian and those of other countries. The task is to make the international forces withdraw from using arms in general,” he added.

Source: News Am