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Rumors that Iran wants to fight with Azerbaijan – vile slander, adviser to Iran’s supreme leader says

BAKU, Azerbaijan, If someday Azerbaijan is attacked by a foreign state, Iran will support Azerbaijan, Ali Akbar Velayati, Adviser to the Supreme Leader of Iran for international affairs, said, Trend reports citing Iranian media.


He noted that Iran’s force is directed not against its friends, but against the enemies of Iran and Azerbaijan, as well as against the enemies of other neighbors.


“The Azerbaijani people are the light of our eyes. In recent weeks, someone out of ignorance, or out of prejudice, has been spreading rumors that Iran wants to fight with Azerbaijan. This is a vile slander against Iran. Iran is not going to attack any country, including its neighbors, whether in the Caucasus or elsewhere. And, in particular, people of the same race, language, religion, traditions and history, that is, the people of Azerbaijan, are the light of our eyes. Iran, even today, does not want anything but the well-being of the peoples of the region, and does not covet the territory of other countries in the region. If Azerbaijan is attacked by any country, then Iran will support Azerbaijan. We are not trying to violate the borders and occupy any territory. The people of Azerbaijan govern their country, and such inappropriate words and accusations are groundless, and let them, the enemies of Iran and Azerbaijan, know that their efforts in this regard will be in vain,” he said.


Source: TREND News Agency