Web Desk March 30, 2021

Russian peacekeepers ensured deliverance of 80 tones of humanitarian cargo consisting of 15 trucks to Kalbajar region, the press service of the Russian Ministry of Defence told APA’s Moscow correspondent.


In order to restore energy and water supply systems of social facilities and residential houses, 11th caravan of the Russian Humanitarian Reaction Center has delivered 80 tones of cargos to Kalbajar through Khankendi-Sugovushan-Kalbajar route (electrical equipment, reinforced concrete structures, and construction materials).


“Humanitarian aid has been provided to the Azerbaijani side within the framework of agreement dated November 10 among Russian, Azerbaijani and Armenian leaders,” reads the information of Russian Ministry of Defence. In general, with the assistance of Russian peacekeepers, more than 1,600 tons of cargo was transported by seven caravans.


Source: Azeri-Press News Agency

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