Son of Azerbaijani captured by Armenians is yet to get information about father after about 30 years

The appeals to the international organizations have not yielded any results, Bakhtiyar Mammadov, the son of Feruz Mammadov, who disappeared on May 8, 1992 during the occupation of Azerbaijan’s Shusha city, told Trend on Aug. 30.

“Up till now I can not get accurate information about my father,” Mammadov said. “During the occupation of the city, Feruz Mammadov served in the 816th Self-Defense Battalion.”

“Several times we received news about my father, who was taken prisoner by the Armenians during the occupation of Shusha city,” Mammadov said. “The steps were repeatedly taken to free him, but to no avail.”

“We applied to the Azerbaijani State Commission on Prisoners of War, Hostages and Missing People and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in 1992-1993,” Mammadli said. “The official structures said that the search operations were underway and we did not give up hope. Almost 30 years have passed and families like ours continue to wait.”

Mammadli informed about the different approach of the ICRC to the Armenian and Azerbaijani captives and hostages.

“We have seen very often that the ICRC takes more steps to help Armenian captives and hostages than Azerbaijani ones,” Mammadli added.

“Therefore, this attitude hurts the feelings of our families,” Mammadov said. “International organizations for years turn a blind eye to the human tragedies.”

“In fact, the UN and its institutions, the EU, the Council of Europe and their structures, the ICRC are not taking any steps to clarify the fate of Azerbaijani captives, hostages and missing people,” Mammadov said.

“Unfortunately, the mentioned international structures do not want to put pressure on Armenia,” Mammadov said. “I think that this must be stopped. The fate of my father, as well as the fate of all other prisoners taken hostage and missing Azerbaijanis, must be clarified.”


Source: TREND News Agency