admin May 2, 2021

A video of the conflict between the Armenian and Azerbaijani military appeared on the social network. They were arguing and pushing each other.

The video was distributed by the Armenian side, which claims that the Azerbaijanis moved forward, and it caused the conflict. From the raised tomes of the officers, it is clear that the Armenians cannot force the Azerbaijanis to leave.

From the conversation on the radio, one can hear how the commander of the Azerbaijani military gives the order not to use weapons and explain “in a good way.”

In turn, the Armenian Defense Ministry made a statement that the incident took place two weeks ago in the Kafan region and the conflict is over.

At the same time, the Armenian side reports that the border troops of Azerbaijan began to build several posts near the villages of Tekh (Goris) and Khnatsakh (Kafan), which caused panic among the population

Source: Turan News Agency