Web Desk May 1, 2021

Jordanian researcher and journalist Omar Al-Armuti published an Arabic translation of an article by Azerbaijani journalist Suleyman Ismayilbeyli about the liberated Agdam on the website of the Nairouz news agency.

AZERTACThe article titled “Aghdam without roofs” says that many acts of vandalism were committed in the city during the Armenian occupation, and Aghdam was completely destroyed. The author writes: “What we saw after our bus passed through Barda region gave me different feelings – pride, disappointment and regret. After crossing the line of contact, I was proud of the bravery of the Azerbaijani Army, the Azerbaijani soldier. The 200-300-meter fortifications built by the Armenians there were a sign of how much they were afraid of the Azerbaijani soldier. The enemy has mined almost every inch and every street in Agdam. During my 6 hours in this city, I saw that Armenians planted mines in 95% of the territory. The main part of this was to gain time after the ceasefire. So that, After the November 10 agreement, Armenians, abusing Azerbaijan’s humanist approach, mined the entire territory of Agdam. Now they refuse to provide Azerbaijan with maps of the mined areas. For this reason, demining operations in the area are carried out in a complex and very dangerous environment.

The article says that the city, surrounded by greenery, has traces of unprecedented atrocities, vandalism and crime at every step, the enemy destroyed the city, as well as the rich nature of Agdam. The author writes: “For this reason, the beauty of spring and the breath of spring were not felt in the city, which was once famous for its charming nature. There were no birds in the sky. They also left these places due to the savagery of the enemy. There is no life in Aghdam, this city has become a place of spirits. I do not use this expression by chance; The cruel enemy also committed horrific acts of vandalism in cemeteries, dug graves and threw people’s remains around. It was as if the spirits of the dead were wandering around. There were dozens of such graves where Khojaly martyrs slept. When I saw the graves dug in these cemeteries, I thought: How can a person commit such atrocities? The fact that hatred and enmity against Azerbaijan and Azerbaijanis is as savage as revenge for the dead freezes human blood. In these graves you will not find any headstones or remains of the deceased. Armenians destroyed them all. ”


Source:  Azerbaijan State News Agency

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