admin April 29, 2021

Currently, the total number of vaccines shot in Azerbaijan is 1 456 114, the total number of vaccinations in the first stage is 953 545, and the number of vaccinations in the second stage is 502 569.

At the same time, the number of daily vaccinations fell. Approximately 1 month ago, 34-35 thousand vaccines were shot per day, at the moment this figure does not exceed 15 thousand. In some days, only 400 vaccines are injected.

In recent days, it has also been reported that false references to vaccination are received with money. According to Official Information, 14 doctors have already been dismissed, some have started a criminal case.

Some MPs and experts believe that vaccination in Azerbaijan is sluggish and they propose to abolish the age limit and even switch to forced vaccination.

Why has the number of vaccinations decreased? Should vaccination be voluntary or mandatory?

At the 77th session of the UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific, which is based in Thailand, on April 26, dedicated to the topic “ensuring stronger development after crises through regional cooperation in Asia and the Pacific Basin”, President Ilham Aliyev said vaccination in Azerbaijan started in January and has already been used 1.4 million vaccines.

“It also accounts for 14 percent of our population,” he said.

Deputy of the Milli Majlis Fazail Aghamali Turan said there are two reasons for the decrease in the number of vaccinations.

“Someone is indifferent to our people and in some cases false information about the vaccine in social networks. There is false information in our citizens, and when indifference comes to it, an unpleasant picture arises.”

The deputy believes that another important reason is the lack of adequate education among citizens of the Ministry of Health, the state agency for medical insurance and the state agency for Compulsory Health Insurance.

“The video is not being brought up to date, but at the same time it is not being systematically promoted by all agencies that vaccination is important to our citizens. These two reasons prevent us from getting the vaccine on a large scale.”

According to Aghamali, there are two important examples in the world.

“There is an example of China and Israel where almost all people have been vaccinated and the number of infections in these countries has been reduced to a minimum.”

The doctor of philosophy in medicine Vasif Ismayil told Turan that the vaccination process in Azerbaijan is slow.

“The most logical explanation here is that the number of vaccines we have is not so much. To solve this, it is necessary to supply the vaccine to the country. This is the only way to speed up vaccination.”

The expert believes that vaccination should not be carried out internally.

“These issues must be in line with the legislative framework. Let the MPs who propose this justify their opinion and get it out in the form of legislation.”

The doctor believes that the age limit in the vaccination process should be canceled.

“All over the age of 18 receive this vaccine.”

Azerbaijan’s Defense Ministry has said the Armenian armed forces continue to violate the ceasefire regime. (4,5 million for the use of the population. The country has a population of 10 million. It was reported that these vaccines were brought to the country in stages.

At present, vaccination has been reported for persons over 40 years of age. Vaccination is carried out at the expense of the state.

At the end of 2019, a new coronavirus was discovered in the world. On March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization announced a pandemic.

Source: Turan News Agency