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TIM: ‘Purple Points’ against gender violence with DonneXStrada

ROME, Nov. 13, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — TIM is back in action alongside women with a new initiative, presented today in Rome, involving its network of over 200 retail points. The telecom company will make its stores and staff, adequately trained and sensitised, available to accelerate the spread of the ‘Purple Points’ (in Italian: ‘Punti Viola’) network throughout Italy. These are the ‘safe places’ that DonneXStrada, the non-profit association for street safety and against gender violence, is establishing nationwide.

It is not easy for women to be free and safe at the same time; many women know this firsthand. During the speeches and interviews accompanying the launch event, many described the unease they feel when walking alone on the streets. DonneXStrada was founded to help women feel protected, and now the collaboration with TIM “represents the concrete commitment of a company that truly wants to make a difference,” explained the founder of the association, Laura De Dilectis. “I am excited about TIM’s support; it is essential for a non-profit association like ours and for society as a whole. Together, we can contribute to an increasingly necessary change,” she emphasised.

The company’s goal is to “leverage the social value of our stores and their presence across the national territory, from the streets of the most important Italian cities to stations and shopping venues,” explained Marco Sanza, CEO of TIM Retail. According to the CEO, the project also promotes the development of the cross-cutting and relational skills of sales staff, necessary to support people who may find themselves in dangerous situations. “But we want to do more,” said Sanza, inviting the entire franchise sales network to join this initiative. “We absolutely want to address this priority,” echoed Massimiliano Chinzari, Consumer Sales Manager at TIM, emphasising that this is a true “stance on the part of the company. We strongly believe in this direction.”

Following the launch of Women Plus, the app designed to support female employment, this latest initiative by the Group led by Pietro Labriola is another step in the ‘Equality Cannot Wait’ direction, TIM’s project to support women’s empowerment. For this reason, the Group aims to further grow the project with DonneXStrada, as demonstrated by Sanza’s call to action for indirect retail points. TIM presented its new project within the 4 Weeks 4 Inclusion, the intercompany marathon on inclusion devised and promoted by the telecom company, now in its fourth edition with over 400 partners.

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