To winners of the “Rise” competition

Dear friends,

I sincerely congratulate you, the winners of the “Rise” competition, which was established to identify and support leaders with high intellectual capacity and management qualities, and to establish a human resources bank in the country.

In modern times, in addition to the need for new ideas and views in every field of activity, one of the important conditions is the availability of human resources with skills and competences based on scientific knowledge. It is an undeniable fact that professional human resources are the asset for every country.

The development of human capital has always been and continues to be a serious priority for us. Our country has always attached tremendous importance to the formation and development of highly intelligent human capital, facilitating the acquisition of advanced knowledge and skills and unlocking its potential through the application of the world’s best practices to various fields.

Azerbaijan has achieved a number of successes and victories in recent years. Azerbaijan is a country that has managed to turn “black gold” into human capital. According to a report of the Davos World Economic Forum, Azerbaijan is at the forefront of the world in many respects. Our country has initiated and participated in a number of important projects implemented in the region. Today, the independent state of Azerbaijan is going through its most glorious period. The victory of the victorious Azerbaijani Army in the Patriotic War is one of the brightest pages of our modern history. Of course, we have been able to achieve all these successes and victories based on the rich human potential of our people.

Dear friends,

The “Rise” competition is one of the important steps taken to enrich and improve human resources in the face of challenges of modern times. I am confident that you will always use your inexhaustible energy to contribute to the development of independent Azerbaijan with continuous attention and care of our state. Congratulations again, and I wish each of you good health and new achievements.

Mehriban Aliyeva

First Vice-President of the Republic of Azerbaijan

President of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation