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Today Azerbaijan celebrates ‘Su Chershenbesi’

BAKU: Today in Azerbaijan we celebrate the pre-holiday Tuesday – ‘Su Chershenbesi’

Preparations for the Novruz holiday begin this Tuesday, Trend reports.

On this day the sacred essence of water is expressed. This Tuesday is also called ‘Ezel Chershenbe’, ‘Sular Novruzu’. People call it ‘evvel chershenbe’, ‘gyozal chershenbe’, ‘gul chershenbe’. According to popular belief, on the first Tuesday the water is renewed, standing water begins to move. The snow on the mountain slopes begins to melt, the meltwater flows into the lowlands and rushes to the rivers. Water brings life and is a symbol of purity and freshness.

On this day, at sunrise, it is customary to go to a river or spring for water, wash, and sprinkle each other. According to ancient belief, water through which a ray of sun has slid is considered renewed, and the wishes of the one who bathes in it should come true.

Among the rituals associated with water, the ritual of jumping over running water to cleanse oneself from the sins of the past is often
mentioned. Water is considered a symbol of purity and purity, the beginning of life.

This Tuesday, it is recommended to put clean water on the table and drink it for each family member.

Let us note that ‘Od Chershenbesi’ will be celebrated on March 5, ‘Yel Chershenbesi’ on March 12, ‘Torpag Chershenbesi’ on March 19.

In Azerbaijan, spring will come on March 20 at 07:06:21 Baku time. On March 20-21, Azerbaijan celebrates the Novruz holiday.

Source: Trend News Agency