admin April 1, 2016

There have been a series of terror attacks in Turkey recently. On 19 March 2016, an attack by a suicide bomber at Istanbul’s central Istiklal street killed four people and injured at least 39 people. A bomb exploded in the K?z?lay district of Ankara on 13 March 2016, claiming at least 37 lives and leaving many more injured. On 17 February 2016, there was another bomb attack in central Ankara which resulted in at least 28 deaths and dozens more injured. A suicide bombing also occurred in the Sultanahmet district in Istanbul on 12 January 2016, resulting in several casualties.

Singaporeans travelling to or residing in Ankara and Istanbul are strongly advised to exercise vigilance and take the necessary precautions for their personal safety, including monitoring the local news and heeding the instructions of the local authorities.

Singaporeans are further advised to avoid travel to the border regions between Turkey and Syria due to the unpredictable security situation associated with the ongoing conflict in Syria.

Singaporeans travelling overseas are strongly encouraged to eRegister with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) so that we can contact them should the need arise. They are advised to purchase comprehensive medical and travel insurance and should check with their insurers if in doubt on the terms and conditions of their insurance coverage before departure.

Should Singaporeans require consular assistance, they may contact the Singapore Embassy in Ankara or the MFA Duty Office (24-hours) at:

Source: MFA