Turkiye vows to not leave any Greek harassment, provocation without response

Calling on Greece to not impede on Turkiye’s offer of a hand of friendship, the country’s defense minister on Friday affirmed that Ankara will not leave any harassment or provocation by Athens without a response, according to Anadolu Agency.

Turkiye did not receive a positive response to its dialogue attempts from Greece, Hulusi Akar noted, speaking at an event in the northern Tokat province, saying Athens is not helping “de-escalate tensions” between the two countries.

“We do not harass or provoke (Greece), but we will not leave any harassment or provocation against us without response,” Akar said, adding that despite Athens’ “provocative attitude,” Ankara continues its call for dialogue.

“Do not delay in holding this hand of friendship,” he said and urged Greece to end its “irreconcilable and provocative attitudes.”




Source: Azertac