Zakharova accused those protesting Russia in Tbilisi of carrying out orders

“If you represent your people and not the order paid for by someone, you cannot be against a direct flight, given the number of citizens and families living in two countries at the same time,” the official representative of the Russian MFA Maria Zakharova wrote on the Telegram channel regarding the air connection with Georgia and the reaction of some politicians in Tbilisi, APA’s Moscow correspondent reports.

“So you’ve never helped people with babies, who are seriously ill and in trouble, get home. So you haven’t heard the voice of a grown man crying on the phone who has to take his mother’s body to be buried in Tbilisi. So, you have never talked to the father who collected the ticket money for his son to meet his relatives in Georgia.

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So you’ve never helped deliver medicine to cancer patients.

Believe me, if this happened to someone who is screaming at least once, he would be ashamed to participate in this madhouse now.

This story is not a political position, but an indicator of whether or not you have love for the people you care about,” the post reads.

Source: Azeri-Press News Agency