Zangezur Corridor: Strategic Project Set to Boost Global Trade

Lankaran – The Zangezur Corridor is poised to be a strategic project that will significantly contribute to global trade, said Elchin Amirbayov, the representative of the President of Azerbaijan for Special Assignments, during his visit to the Vatican and Italy. Amirbayov’s comments were made in an interview with the “In Terris” analytical and information portal, as reported by Trend.

According to Trend News Agency, the Zangezur Corridor is more than just a route connecting Azerbaijan and Armenia or regional countries; it has the potential to become an alternative path of the Middle Corridor linking Asia and Europe. He emphasized the strategic importance of the project in enhancing world trade.

Amirbayov also addressed the terminological preferences regarding the corridor, suggesting alternatives like “transit,” “road,” or “connection” if the term “corridor” is objectionable to Armenia. He warned that if Armenia fails to fulfill its obligations regarding the project, Azerbaijan has an alternate plan to connect its main part with the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic through a railway and highway passing through Iranian territory. This development could leave Armenia in a challenging position, marking a crucial decision point for the country.