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Ambassadors of OSCE member states accredited in Azerbaijan informed about situation on frontline

Azerbaijans Deputy Foreign Minister Araz Azimov met ambassadors of OSCE member states accredited in the Republic of Azerbaijan to inform them about the escalation of tension in the occupied territories of Azerbaijan along the troops’ line of contact of the Armenian and Azerbaijani armed forces.

Araz Azimov stressed the importance of the ceasefire for the peaceful solution of the conflict. He pointed to the fact that Armenia was constantly violating the ceasefire in order to distract the attention from the substantive issues of the peace process and prolong the status quo. The Deputy Minister drew the audience’s attention to the fact that Armenia’s such provocative actions usually coincided with the times when there was a positive dynamics in the peace process.

Araz Azimov stressed the importance of the immediate restoration of ceasefire and reasonable peace process, saying in this regard the Azerbaijani side declared a unilateral ceasefire. He emphasized that the conflict must only be solved within the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Azerbaijan.

Source: Azer Tag