Azerbaijan plans bringing in new minesweeper dogs

“There are plans in the direction of bringing new dogs for the demining works,” Chairman of the Board of Azerbaijan National Agency for Mine Action (ANAMA) Vugar Suleymanov told APA.

He noted that dogs also get old, they are being retired, some of them get sick. Therefore, it is necessary to continuously replace them and increase their number.

“If we are increasing the number of human groups, the number of dogs and equipment should also be increased accordingly. Some countries and organizations have expressed their intentions to present dogs to us for the next year. We are now determining the number according to those intentions. We will try to provide however many additional dogs that would be needed ourselves”.

Chairman of ANAMA noted that at the same time, the manpower will also be increased.

“Throughout the year, we have carried out continuous trainings every 6 weeks. Around 80 new trainees are being trained. This process will be continued next year as well.”

Source: Azeri-Press News Agency