admin June 9, 2021

Congress of Azerbaijanis (MAK) in Moldova has addressed to international organizations to protest against the anti-humanitarian policy of Armeniaç State Committee on üork with the Diaspora told APA.

The statement signed by Chairperson of the Congress Elchin Bayramov reads that Armenian government bears full responsibility for the death of Azerbaijani journalists Mahammad Ibrahimov and Siraj Abishov.

“The incident shows once more that Armenia planted mines in these territories purposefully, prevents reliable peace. Armenia still refuses to provide maps of mines territories by violating norms and principles of international law,” he stressed.

Bringing to attention that Azerbaijanis in Moldova resolutely condemn Armenia’s anti-humanist policy, the Chair of Congress has called on the international community and organizations to make Armenian authoritative bodies implement their obligations within the framework of international law immediately.

Source: Azeri-Press News Agency