admin April 26, 2021

“The protests against the fact that US President Joe Biden called the events in the Ottoman Empire in 1915 “the Armenian genocide” are more anti-American in Turkey, and Azerbaijan supports Turkey,” said an international expert Elman Fattah to “Difficult Question” of Turan News Agency on the topic: “Joe Biden said “Armenian genocide”, what will change?”

Biden says that in 1915, a decision was made to relocate Armenian militants deep into the empire to prevent attacks on unarmed Turkish villages and their betrayal against the Ottoman Empire, and the Armenian side regarded the losses incurred during this relocation as “genocide”.

E. Fattah believes that in this case the use of the phrase “Armenian genocide” by US President Joe Biden has more political content and pressure on Turkey from the West.

According to the expert, the establishment of relations between Turkey and Russia, the adoption of Russian weapons into its military arsenal led the relationship to the current result. Fattah also says that in fact, by this step, the United States lost such a partner in the East as Turkey. At the same time, this step did not work for the good of Armenia, but to the detriment.

Fattah believes that after that this topic will not be closed, and will be constantly discussed in the context of bilateral, multilateral relations. In his words, by this the Armenians expect from Turkey the recognition of the “Armenian genocide”, the provision of compensation and land.

The expert believes that Turkey will continue to strengthen and can turn into a regional power. Returning to Azerbaijan’s expression of its attitude to this issue, Elman Fattah believes that the designation of its position was and is Azerbaijan’s duty to Turkey, and it has been fulfilled.

The expert also believes that this step did not benefit the Turkish-Armenian relations, there will be no further benefit: “the truth is that the United States provided Armenia with such a weighty “argument” as the “Armenian genocide”. However, what the result will be is not yet clear. Time will tell,” Fattah said.

Source: Turan News Agency