admin April 21, 2021

The health of the ex-deputy of the Azerbaijani parliament, Huseyn Abdullayev, worsened in prison, said his lawyer Elchin Sadigov. On Wednesday, he met with his client in the jail. According to Sadigov, Abdullayev’s health is getting worse and worse. “His internal hemorrhage does not stop and has intensified. The pains also increased. His blood pressure does not drop below 180. He is in a deep depression,” said the lawyer.

According to him, Abdullayev needs urgent medical examination and treatment in a specialized institution, which is allowed by law. “He should be transferred at least to the Central Clinical Hospital and exercise the right to be examined and treated at his own expense,” Sadigov said. He noted that a corresponding appeal has already been sent to the Penitentiary Service. “We hope that a positive response will be given to our appeal,” the lawyer said. According to him, on April 20, Ombudsman Sabina Aliyeva visited Abdullayev, and assured him that she would do everything possible to provide medical assistance to him. The attempts to get comments from the Penitentiary Service were futile.

Earlier, Abdullayev had been on hunger strike for many days demanding that his criminal prosecution be stopped.

* Huseyn Abdullayev, a native of the Nakhchivan region in the 1990s, held leading positions in the oil products business. Groups of thugs under his control took part in dispersing opposition protests. In 2005, Abdullayev became a member of parliament and criticized the activities of the Cabinet of Ministers. In March 2007, at a parliamentary meeting, pro-government deputy Fazail Agamaly provoked Abdullayev into a fight. However, only Abdullayev was punished. He was first arrested, and later sentenced for hooliganism to 2 years of probation. In 2013, he emigrated from Azerbaijan. Some time later, a criminal case was opened against him on tax charges.

While living in Germany, Abdullayev prepared and published a number of songs calling for mass protests on the social network. On April 22, 2018, Abdullayev was detained in Turkey, where he arrived from Germany, and extradited to Azerbaijan. In Baku, he was charged under the following articles of the Criminal Code: Article 192.2.2 (illegal business with the extraction of large income), 178.2.1 (fraud), 178.2.2, 178.2.4 (fraud), 182.2.1 (extortion by threats by prior conspiracy of persons), 182.2.2 (the same actions repeated) and 182.2.4 (the same actions committed with inflicting large damage on the victim). He was subsequently sentenced to 6 years in prison.

Source: Turan News Agency