admin July 8, 2016

If Iranians don’t economize the electricity consumption, the country would face power outage, Arash Kordi, the director of Iran Power Generation and Transmission Company (TAVANIR) said July 7.

He said that the power consumption hit a historic record of 51,000 megawatts (MW), of which the cooling appliances share 30 percent, Mehr reported.

He added that regarding the expected hot whether the coming week, the power consumption may increase to about 53,000 MW.

Kordi said that this week, Iran’s power consumption experienced a 6-percent growth year-to-year.

Iran has added 1,000 MW to power generation capacity in the current fiscal year, which started on March 21. Currently, the nominal power generation capacity is about 75,000 MW, but the actual power generation level stands at about 57,000 MW. About 11 percent of Iran’s produced power is wasted during transmission and distribution processes.

Source: Trend