ITU actively cooperates with Azerbaijan to assess level of digital literacy of population

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) actively cooperates with Azerbaijan, Director of the ITU Regional Office in the CIS countries Natalia Mochu told Trend on the sidelines of the GSMA M360 Eurasia 2023 conference in Baku.

Natalia Mochu noted two priority areas – digital literacy assessment and cybersecurity, speaking about the main areas of ITU cooperation.

“We are working to assess the level of digital literacy of the population together with the Ministry of Digital Development and Transport, as well as with the national statistical authority. This is quite a voluminous work that we have started literally this year,” she said.

According to her, the results are positive at the moment.

Azerbaijan collects all the necessary data. The objective of the project is to create a holistic, statistical questionnaire and conduct research throughout Azerbaijan.

“This project will affect about 11,000 households, as well as ministries and universities. It is aimed at determining both the general situation with digital literacy and specific needs in industries or types of organizations,” Natalia Mochu said.

She also noted the importance of the goal that the Azerbaijani government has set, ensuring that all citizens have an equal opportunity to use public services.

“The next priority area of cooperation with Azerbaijan is cybersecurity,” she said.

“Azerbaijan already has the necessary infrastructure to ensure the proper level of cybersecurity, but nevertheless we see that the country is very interested in updating, strengthening, and improving the skills that exist. In this regard, we are working with Azerbaijan to assess and determine the directions of tasks that need to be solved in this particular area,” Natalia Mochu said.

Source: Trend News Agency