admin April 27, 2021

On Tuesday, the Japanese Embassy announced the state scholarship program for 2022. The embassy informed that the program is presented by the Ministry of Education of Japan for foreign students. It provides for exemption from tuition fees, air tickets to and from Japan, and a monthly scholarship. Acceptance of documents for three programs is carried out until May 31. Detailed information can be obtained on the link:


Those interested can participate in the following programs:

Research for 2022 (student, master’s, doctoral)

State Undergraduate Scholarship Program for 2022.

State College of Technology Scholarship Program for 2022.

The research program begins with a 2-year research program with an extension to the master’s and doctoral degrees, respectively.

The bachelor’s program is designed for 5 years, including one year of preparatory period and 4 years of bachelor’s degree.

In the third program, the training period will be 4 years, including a year of preparation.

Second and third programs are open to high school graduates.

The embassy will hold a briefing on the scholarship programs.

Source: Turan News Agency