Kyrgyzstan Launches Innovative Kindergarten Project to Boost Preschool Education

Bishkek – In an effort to increase preschool education coverage in Kyrgyzstan, the First Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers, Adylbek Kasymaliev, inaugurated the pilot project of the Shoola kindergarten in the capital’s Kasym residential area. The Cabinet of Ministers’ press service reported this development.

According to News Agency, the pilot project introduces innovative solutions to expand preschool education accessibility. A notable feature of the Shoola kindergarten is the use of pull-out beds to maximize the available space. This approach not only optimizes the space during children’s nap time but also creates additional areas for games and activities when the children are awake. By transforming the bedroom space into a multifunctional area for rest, learning, and play, the kindergarten has managed to increase its capacity by an additional 180 children.

Adylbek Kasymaliev highlighted the current situation of preschool education in Kyrgyzstan, stating that out of the 960,000 children aged one to six years in the country, approximately 740,000 do not attend kindergarten. This indicates that only 26 percent of children in this age group are receiving preschool education. Kasymaliev emphasized that the implementation of projects like Shoola kindergarten aims to raise the national preschool education coverage to 40 percent.

He acknowledged that the project was initiated by the president and was presented by the Social Partnership and Regional Development Fund with the active support of the Ministry of Education and Science.