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Kyrgyzstan to Establish State Register of Religious Organizations

The State Commission on Religious Affairs in Kyrgyzstan has developed a revised version of the Law on Freedom of Religion and Religious Associations. This new draft has been put forward for public discussion.

According to News Agency, the primary aim of the revised law is to enhance the legislative framework, meet the international obligations of the Kyrgyz Republic, and ensure a consistent state policy in the religious sphere. The bill introduces significant changes, including the legal regulation of re-registration of prayer rooms and religious facilities used for religious activities. Additionally, it outlines the procedures for the reorganization and voluntary termination of religious activities and facilities.

A key feature of the bill is the establishment of the State Register of subjects of religious activity, religious facilities, and prayer rooms. This register will contain comprehensive information on the creation, reorganization, and termination of these entities, among other related data.

The draft law also defines separate requirements for the social, charitable, and cultural-educational activities of religious entities. During its development, an analysis of existing legislative acts related to religion was conducted. This led to proposed amendments in several laws, including those governing political parties, the status of local council deputies, parliamentary deputies, local council elections, and the Code of Offenses.

Notably, the Law on Political Parties includes provisions to prevent the establishment of political parties based on religious lines and mandates adherence to secularism in the campaigning and financing of political parties. Amendments to the Law on the Status of Deputies of Local Councils and the Parliament will prohibit the combination of civil service and religious activities.