admin April 28, 2021

The website “” publishes the opinion of the MP Fazil Mustafa regarding the establishment of the Baku City Municipality. For this, it is necessary to hold proportional municipal elections, let it be a kind of experiment, the deputy notes.

This somehow activates the political life of the country and the activities of political parties. In addition, the parties will be able to demonstrate their capabilities.

The deputy recalled that one of these days another head of the executive branch was arrested, and for some reason the previous arrests do not become a lesson for them, notes Mustafa, because the absence of a control mechanism unties their hands.

The website “Mü” discusses the latest arrests of doctors, the creation of a corruption network in connection with patients with coronavirus. However, punishment is avoided by those who stand behind this network and patronize. To completely suppress such facts, it is necessary to carry out reforms in the health care system.

The website “” writes about the electricity bills that come to citizens every month. The author believes that “Azerishig” is deceiving citizens by winding up fabulous sums. The author gives an example of a resident of the village of Hekmali Amalia Abbasova. According to her, a debt of 4306 manats was written to her for the use of electricity.

The Union of Consumers of Azerbaijan said that the safety of citizens’ counters is not ensured, since using the program it is possible to change the readings of any counter without direct intervention.

By the way, the leadership of “Azerishig” did not confirm this fact, but did not deny it either. The aforementioned citizen Abbasova has been living in a private house since 2006. Since then, there has been no outside interference with the meter, all bills were paid on time until 2012. Later, however, the counter began to wind up debt. Abbasova demands to replace him.

Source: Turan News Agency