Web Desk January 19, 2021

The Azerbaijan newspaper: Social priorities for 2021 are providing martyr families and veterans with social support, medical and social rehabilitation services for wounded military personnel, including prostheses.


In the post-war period, this support has already covered more than 11 thousand members of the families of martyrs, veterans, and victims of the war.


Social payments were assigned to 6500 family members of 2650 martyrs.


Last year, another 1,500 families of martyrs and war invalids were provided with housing and individual houses, and 400 with cars. Until now, more than 9,100 apartments and private houses, and more than 7,200 cars have been provided to persons of this category.


In the past two years, rehabilitation and social services institutions have been opened in 6 regions of the country (Lankaran, Khazmaz, Shirvan, Sheki, Sumgait, Goygol).


The website Mətbuat.az: Since January 18, the strict quarantine regime has been eased and the vaccination process started. However, forecasts for the continuation of the global pandemic are not so optimistic. If the vaccination is successful, it is possible that the pandemic may be localized by April.


The use of a strict quarantine regime also harms the economy. According to official statistics, 78,200 people are employed in tourism and catering, and 81,500 people are employed in entertainment and art.


About 160 thousand people lost their income due to strict quarantine.


The website Yenisabah.az writes that Russia brings Armenians to Karabakh every day, placing them in Khankendi, Agdere and in some parts of Khojavend. All their social problems are solved by Moscow. All activity of the peacekeepers consists of protecting the Armenians.


As for the ceasefire regime, this will not be necessary if all the armed Armenian groups are withdrawn from Karabakh. Russia does not fulfill this clause of the agreement, which may complicate the situation.


Russia is hindering the return of Azerbaijanis to Khankendi and Agdere.


The Yeniavaz.com website is discussing with the doctor of medical sciences Nuran Abdullayev the question of when the coronavirus will weaken.


He believes that every week the incidence of the mutated virus is growing almost twice in all countries, including Azerbaijan.


The mutation of the virus does not significantly affect the effectiveness of vaccines developed using gene technology. However, a high infection rate can lead to an extension of the tightened quarantine regime and delay the return to normal life.–0—-


Source: Turan News Agency

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