admin April 30, 2016

The partial outcome of the second round of parliamentary elections in Iran shows that women have registered a new record in the parliament’s history.

It appears that the number of seats occupied by women lawmakers will be almost doubled in the Islamic Republic’s new parliament as 17 women have obtained enough votes to secure seats.

This is while all the nine conservative women lawmakers of the current parliament have lost their seats.

On the other hand clerics will occupy fewer seats in the next parliament as only 16 clerics (compared to current 29) have managed to win the nation’s vote.

Coming to the opponents of the historic nuclear deal with the world powers, it seems that only 12 out of 80 opponents in the current parliament have got enough votes to protect their views against President Hassan Rouhani and his pragmatic administration.

Iranians have also blocked the ways of 217 out of 290 lawmakers of the currently conservative-dominated parliament to the legislative body.

In general, Principlist and conservative contesters have clearly lost to the pro-Rouhani List of Hope, a coalition of moderates and reformists.

According to the latest results, conservative contesters gained 83 seats compared to 120 seats won by reformists and moderates.

And finally there will be 81 independent lawmakers in the new parliament who will play a crucial role in forming the political approach of the legislative body. Religious minorities will also have five other seats in the new parliament which is scheduled to begin its session on May 27.

It appears that with a working majority for moderates and reformists in parliament, President Rouhani will enjoy a stronger political mandate to enact his plans in particular economic reforms.

However, all the results need to be validated by the Guardian Council, a watchdog body which oversees elections and legislation in the Islamic Republic.

Source: Trend