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Shusha: “Returning with preferences”

The final conference of the project “Returning with Preferences” (Dönükdə gəlirimiz olsun) was dedicated to the present and future development of the cradle of Azerbaijani culture, the city of Shusha. The project was implemented by the Foundation for the Promotion of Entrepreneurship and Market Economy (Sahibkarlığa və Bazar İqtisadiyyatının İnkişafına Yardım Fondu), headed by Doctor of Economics Sabit Bagirov.


It covers two areas:


1.Trainings for entrepreneurs, natives of Shusha


  1. Recommendations for investors based on the study


The main speaker, Doctor of Economics Inglab Ahmadov, noted that although Shusha is a small city, it requires large investments, which is connected with the scale of its destruction and future development.


According to him, at the moment, the restoration of the city is carried out and financed by the state, but the need for participation of private investors in the process arises. “It’s not just about recovery. The world needs to show the uniqueness of the city,” Akhmedov said.


In his opinion, it would be optimal to recreate Shusha as an open-air museum, the experience of which is available in the world. As an example, the expert cited the American city of Williamsburg, Virginia. At the beginning of the 20th century, the historic center of Williamsburg, with the financial support of John Rockefeller and his wife, was turned into an open-air museum in the tradition of the colonial era.


The city, along with Jamestown and Yorktown, formed the so-called Virginia Historic Triangle. Subsequently, the idea was supported and developed with the cooperation of the state and business, as well as private donations.


“If we could implement this in Shusha, then it would be rational in every respect,” Ahmedov said. In his opinion, the legislative framework allows for restoration work. Next year it is planned to increase funding for restoration work from 2 to 3 billion.


However, the expert believes, “a differentiated model of city development is needed, otherwise we may face risks”. The project participants propose the development of Shusha in 5 directions within the framework of synergy, that is, with their interaction. These include:


– Unique cultural heritage.


-Unique traditions and abilities.


-Health Center


-Ecotourism Center


-Green energy.


The project recommends the creation of a strategy for the progressive development of the city, to involve all interested parties, including public and business circles, in the restoration and development of Shusha. It is recommended at the initial stage, in order to draw attention to Shusha, to ensure the creation of promotional materials at the state and private levels to attract the attention of the international community.


At the forefront are the attraction of investments in the preservation and promotion of the unique cultural heritage of the city of Shusha.


As a result of the report, an exchange of opinions of experts took place, where the main leitmotif was concern about the lack of transparency in the implementation of the Shusha project and the lack of public participation in the implementation of this important project for the country.


As Turan notes, the master plan of Shusha was prepared by the British architectural company Chapman Taylor. However, it did not pass the public examination


Source: Turan News Agency