admin April 21, 2021

Intensive restoration of the liberated territories continues in all directions. First, demining work is underway and the biggest difficulty is Armenia’s refusal to provide maps of minefields, which is another war crime of Armenia, the head of state Ilham Aliyev said in an interview with AZTV on April 20.

After the end of the war, more than 100 civilians were killed and injured in mine explosions. New equipment is being purchased to clear mines, and the staff of the Demining Agency has been increased to speed up demining. Servicemen of Turkey and Russia are also involved in the process, and several sapper battalions have been created in the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan.

In parallel with this, the main infrastructure projects were launched. By the end of the year, all vacated territories will be supplied with electricity. The city of Shusha is already fully supplied with electricity and now new power lines are being laid from Dashkesan to Kalbajar.

The Fizuli-Shusha road is under construction, the Horadiz-Zangilan road will soon begin and the construction of the Fizuli-Hadrut, Fizuli-Jebrail, Barda-Agdam, Goygol-Toganaly-Kalbajar roads is already underway. In parallel, the railway infrastructure of Barda-Agdam and Horadiz-Zangilan-Agbend is being created. This road will reach the Zangezur corridor, Aliyev said.

The damage caused with the involvement of foreign experts is being calculated. “We intend to file a complaint against Armenia in international courts. Armenia and its foreign partners, illegally exploiting our natural resources, will appear before an international court,” he said.

The first pilot project – “Smart Village”, will be implemented in the Zangilan region and will cover three villages and next year a group of former displaced persons will return to their native lands.

In addition, the preparation of master plans for all cities and, first, the city of Agdam is underway. First of all, the villages located near the existing infrastructure in Agdam, Fizuli, Jabrail regions will be restored. Foreign partners will be involved in this.

The construction of the Fizuli international airport is proceeding at a high rate, and the construction of the airport in Zangilan and Lachin will begin soon.

“We cannot allow Armenian fascism to raise its head again; we cannot allow Armenia to once again bring its army to such a state that there is some kind of threat to us. If we find a possible threat, we will immediately eliminate it. Everyone should know this – both Armenia and its patrons, because this is national defense, a matter of national security,” Aliyev said.

Referring to the reaction of the Armenian side to the opening of the Trophy Park in Baku, the head of state said, “We will never forget the Armenian vandalism. The main purpose of the creation of the War Trophy Park, which has caused a great stir in Armenia today, is so that the Azerbaijani people will never forget this vandalism. We will never forgive this. Let everyone know this.”

Source: Turan News Agency