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Turkmenistan has great potential for green energy initiatives – USAID

Turkmenistan, which is striving to diversify its energy mix, has great potential for green energy initiatives, and this can be achieved by deploying renewable energy, USAID told Trend.

“Turkmenistan has great potential for green energy initiatives, including utility-scale wind and solar parks, rooftop solar, green hydrogen, and energy efficiency including demand response programs. There is also untapped potential to develop renewable energy enabling technologies such as grid digitalization and IT platforms for green trading,” USAID said.

It is noted that in response to the government of Turkmenistan’s modernization agenda, the Agency is eager to partner with both the government and the private sector on renewable energy development.

“Over the past year, USAID has proposed several ideas for pilot renewable energy models and projects under USAID’s Power the Future Activity,” the Agency added.


Source: Trend News Agency