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Zangazur corridor is irreversible reality of South Caucasus region

One of the important results of Azerbaijan’s historic victory in the 44-day Second Karabakh war is the opening of the Zangazur corridor. It was reflected in the tripartite statement signed in Moscow on November 10, 2020. Today the Zangazur corridor is an irreversible reality of the South Caucasus region. With its launch, the world’s largest trade corridor could be created, which will start in China, pass through the Caspian region to Turkey, and from there to the Eastern Mediterranean and Northern Europe.

Indeed, Azerbaijan has formed a new geopolitical reality in the South Caucasus and everyone who is realistic about politics is ready to admit it, Russian political analyst Pavel Klochkov told Trend.

“What has been achieved should also be preserved and developed further. Of course, the Zangazur corridor has great potential, and it is precisely the efforts of a diplomatic nature, the development of new economic projects that can largely ensure security in the region. The more parties that benefit from this, including economic benefits, the less temptation there will be to subject the stability of this region to some kind of test,” he said.

Klochkov believes that economic projects and proper diplomacy are now the key to the stability of the entire region.

“Agreements at a high level, real economic projects – this is what will now make the situation largely irreversible. I know that quite a lot is being done in this direction,” he added.

Director of the New Society Institute Vasily Koltashov believes that the Zangazur corridor should be opened no matter what.

“Armenia must understand that the opening of this corridor is an important part of building local economic ties, without the restoration of which economic growth is also impossible, including in Armenia. The Zangazur corridor is needed, and it will be created,” Koltashov stressed.

The opening of the Zangazur corridor meets the economic interests of all countries in the region. Azerbaijan is a party to such routes as East-West, North-South corridors, and in this regard, the Zangazur corridor plays a unique role, because it is the intersection point of both the North-South route and the East-West route. The creation of this corridor will have a huge impact on the development of transport communications throughout the region. The Zangazur corridor will not only help expand transport integration in the South Caucasus, but also provide the shortest land route from Asia to Europe.


Source: Trend News Agency